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The Big Question Company ensures all of the trainers are passionate and engaging as well as having the desired knowledge. The trainers are hand-picked to represent the Company, all having years of experience in interviewing, investigating and training.

Our trainers have their own area of expertise including interviewing people with disabilities, road crash specialism, interviewing children and vulnerable adults. Please enquire if your specific need is not listed on the bios.

what we do

Our background is not only running high level interviews and investigations but also coaching the required skill set in order to turn an investigative interview from adequate to outstanding. We believe that by providing the required skills to investigators it empowers them to develop and produce exceptional outcomes.

Here at The Big Question Company we know the importance of training and development in our teams and ensure we only use trainers that are highly skilled.



To empower investigators to have the techniques, expertise and confidence to conduct exceptional investigative interviews and investigations


Exceptional investigations lead to even better results

what we believe in

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honesty and integrity. we tell it how it is.
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all of our packages can be tailor-made as well as only using hand-picked trainers with a wealth of experience in the field to assist your investigators on their journey.
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professionalising interviews and investigations.
knowledge is power.
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